5. What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

Wolverham is an inclusive school: we welcome and celebrate diversity. All staff appreciate the importance of children having high self-esteem in order to achieve positive well-being and we strive for children to feel safe and secure when in our care.

The class teacher has overall responsibility for the pastoral, medical and social care of every child in their class; this would be the parents’ first point of contact. Children who are allocated a 1:1 teaching assistant through additional funding, will also work closely with them. If further support is required, the class teacher can liaise with the SENDCO for further advice and support.

We currently have two learning mentors, Miss Ashworth and Mrs Collier. They work closely with many of our children and their families. They offer support and guidance to overcome barriers to learning and are highly regarded within the school community. They can be contacted through the school office.

All of our teaching assistants have a first aid qualification and are able to administer medication to children that has been prescribed by a doctor. This medication must be labelled clearly with the child’s name and the date on which it was prescribed. If medication is to be given in school, a form must be completed in the school office. Medication that has been delivered is recorded and securely kept in school.

Children who have asthma keep their inhalers in the teacher’s storeroom in their classroom. This is given to the children by the teaching assistant within their classroom or they may self-medicate if this has been previously approved.