6. What specialism services, experience, training and support are available at or accessed by the school?

• In the first instance, the SENDCO will support the class teacher in planning for children with SEN.
• The school has a school development plan, including identified training needs for all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children including those with SEND.
• As a school, we work very closely with a wide range of outside specialist agencies and have a very good working relationship with all of these. We currently work with:

• Educational Psychology Service – Dr Lisa Edwards
• Speech and Language Service – Celia Brandon
• School SEN consultant – Julie Davies
• Behaviour Support Service – Gary Terretta
• School Health (Nurse) – Jessica Hunt
• School Health (Doctor) Dr R Fowler
• Through these we also have links to CAMHS and Occupational Therapy

• If your child needs referring to these agencies, the SENDCO will liaise closely with them to refer and you will be given a copy of this referral. Your permission will always be sought before a referral is made and we will always explain why we are seeking advice from an outside agency.

Usually, a report is then written and the advice is followed in school on a programme of work to support your child. This is often administered by teaching assistants in school and monitored by the SENDCO.