4. How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child

All children at Wolverham are tracked using our school’s assessment schedule; this takes place at least 3 times a year. Children are continually assessed through each daily lesson and areas for development are highlighted and worked upon. Progress is currently assessed using our own tracking grids or PIVAT’s which carefully track individual children’s progress towards the end of year expectations. These are available to view by parents at any time.

For children who identified additional needs, the class teacher will meet with parents/carers at least three times a year to discuss their needs, support and progress and the SENDCO can attend this meeting if required. This is usually to discuss progress towards targets that have been set on an Individual Education/Behaviour plan and using the Cheshire SEN pupil profile. Targets will be reviewed alongside parents, and children as appropriate, and new targets discussed. Children who are in receipt of additional funding have both long and short term outcomes that are agreed at each annual review and these are regularly referred to, to ensure progression towards these targets is ongoing.

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