We believe that our bespoke PSHE curriculum exposes our children to an array of different cultures and beliefs and allows them to gain a better understanding of the differences and diversity within our community and the wider world. Our PSHE curriculum has been organised around the six key themes: identity, courage, power, change, choices and unity.

We teach the updated No Outsiders scheme of work which covers the protected characteristics as well as the statutory relationships education. Our curriculum also ensures coverage of the five fundamental British Values; democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. In addition to this, we also follow the Christopher Winter Project to deliver informative and age-appropriate SRE lessons.

Through our PSHE curriculum, we ensure our children experience an enriched cultural outlook and gain the knowledge and understanding of a wide range of cultures and beliefs. Through our teaching of a wide variety of significant individuals, we inspire our children to achieve their dreams and goals and make an impact to others and on the world we live in.

Our children have the opportunity to gain real life experiences and learn about their own identity and the world around them in an active and creative way. Visitors and trips form a fundamental part of our curriculum (see curriculum visits map).

Our PSHE progression document PSHE outlines how and when the key themes and topics are covered across the entire school to ensure the PSHE curriculum in progressive, allowing children to apply the knowledge and skills learned the previous year and become confident and respectful citizens.

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