Our vision is that all children at Wolverham Primary and Nursery School will be happy and confident learners, achieve their full potential and develop a love of learning. We understand the need for children to become fluent readers and develop a love for reading.

Please click to link below to find information about how to support your child with saying their sounds and writing their letters. There are also some useful videos so you can see how they are taught at school and feel confident about supporting their reading at home.



Practicing Phonics at Home

The books that school sends home are matched to the phonics sounds your child is learning in school. Your child will have read the book in school at least three times with an adult and should be able to read to you independently.

They will also bring a book for 'shared reading' for you to share and read with your child. Make sure you set aside quiet time for reading and enjoying books together. This book is not for your child to read alone.

The Phonics Screening Check

During the Summer term in Year 1, children nationwide are tested on their phonic knowledge. This test helps us to identify children who have gaps in their phonic knowledge and may need further support in Year 2. The children are asked to read 40 words from a list, using their phonics to ‘sound out’ the word and then blend it if they need to. Parents are informed as to whether their child has achieved the national expectation within the child’s end-of-year report. 

If children fall behind or have difficulties we ensure speedy ‘catch up’ sessions in Year 2 to help them be well prepared for Y3. This catch-up also continues if necessary thorughout the key stage 2years.

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